macOS Server

macOS Server

HAD-IT Limited are an independent Apple Mac specialist based across Yorkshire with dedicated teams working with you and your Mac!

Apple macOS Server is the ultimate controller to your Apple (and windows) Network. macOS Server truly offers You & your Business the Power, Control and Security at a fraction of the cost of a Windows Server Environment. 

From Apple Mac Computers to iPads & iPhones you can Secure, Update, Control and Manage all these devices from a single control panel. The powerful Server Control Panel provides a user friendly way to manage Devices, Users, File Sharing, Mail, Calendar and Contacts: OS X Server is the perfect add-on for your company. 

MacOS Server is an add-on for the macOS Operating System, meaning there is no expensive Operating Systems to purchase. The Add-on costs £13.99 and is available from the App Store. 

Prices quoted below are per person based on one-to-one training for group bookings please contact our Service Team. HAD-IT is able to support you & your company throughout all aspects of Purchase, Setup & Configuration of your Apple Server.

Apple MacBook Air Network Login

macOS Server - Features

File Sharing


With macOS Server, it's easier than ever to share files between your Mac, iPad, iPhone & PC. Whatever you are working on, all your files are stored securely on the Server. So you know your files are backed-up and secure.

Profile Manager


A simple way of controlling who and what can access your devices. Logins on Macs to Access Passcodes on iPhones and iPads. Profile Manager also controls your App Store purchases and can push Volume Purchased apps and books to Devices without the needs to manually download on each device. 

Caching Server


With Caching Server, downloading updates from the internet on everyone's Mac is something of the past. Caching Server turns your Server into a Central Control Centre for all your updates. Keeping copies of updates centrally means you only require one download of the Update, saving Bandwith and Time.


Time Machine Backups


Time Machine within macOS Server is the most powerful tool anyone can wish for their network. Centralising your Backup routine gives you greater Security and Flexibility on backing up your Entire Mac Network. The Time Machine interface gives you a simple overview as to what Macs have been backed up and when they were last backed up and how much data they have used.

Mail, Calendars & Contacts


Finally, with your Mail, Calendars & Contacts all in once place, macOS Server becomes a powerful organiser of Time and Staff. macOS Server makes it easy to share Contacts & Calendars with Colleges. All data is pushed to Devices so it's instantly viewable.