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Covid-19 and our changing habits

Stuart unpacks an insight into customer service from a source close to home.

Customers: Perpetual continuity

After many conversations with some of our marketing friends, almost every time their first port of call is the question around existing customers. Something which many businesses can easily miss a focus on keeping existing customers engaged. So much attention is focussed on new business, that once a customer has been gained, they almost go by the wayside.

Challenge brings change…

The outbreak of Coronavirus certainly has got a lot of people thinking, if not concerned. 

However, resilience is created through necessity and is born through a desire to succeed.

We love customers….

Customer service is one of those experiences which everyone says they excel at. However, the word quality is very subjective. What does it really mean? How do you go to quantifying something which is partly an intangible?

Project Planning for your next print project

Nerves might be everything when you’re taking a big step to progressing your business forward. Getting your print marketing right can be a big challenge – but with the right planning, you can minimise any potential hiccups. 

Crowning reasons why Direct Mail is still King!

Long before radio, television and online marketing, direct mail ruled.

Today direct mail has received a bit of a bad reputation. The term “junk mail” isn’t exactly a compliment! Some refer to direct mail as an “old” form of advertising, thinking of direct mail as antiquated or off-target. However, when carefully crafted, directed to the right recipient through good use of learned data or other metrics can deliver results which outshine other methods.

Evolution not revolution!

Nothing ever stands still, the gentle rhythm keeps moving forward. We have a responsibility to progress to bring the right benefits to what we offer you. Change a big part of any business or organisation, we’ve helped enough to introduce new concepts or products. 

A year of learning

At the start of the year, I set out with an objective to seriously engage in some business networking. I had a desire to add more local business into our customer portfolio. It’s fair to say a lot of what I’ve done has cemented my thinking a bit.

The catch-phrases associated with business networking
Givers gain - true to a certain amount, however, sometimes you can give and not gain. It’s not a level playing field out there.
50% social 50% business. Seriously, we’re all here for one purpose - make new business connections.
These are purely tag lines which identify well with the group, depending on who you are and how you fit into cliques depends on how much you get out of them.

Of course, Business Networking has it's own highs and lows, Stuart unpacks the Huddersfield Business Networking scene.

Get Kinaesthetic with your print and outshine the competition!

The battle for our attention is real.

Recent research concludes the average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day! However how much can truly be remembered? In a digitally addicted generation, print brings a burst of fresh air.

Building your presence

Turning prospects to customers is the art of marketing. Understanding the needs, wants, desires of your potential customers is the key to harnessing the right results. Print is one of the under-spoken about tools in the marketing toolkit, so let us unpack it a bit more.

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